A Dissemination Board is established at the beginning of the Action in order to facilitate the dissemination. The dissemination plan will be updated during the course of the Action taking into account the progress of the Action as well as the results of its evaluation.

Next to the scientific goals, emphasis will be given on communication of the results to public authorities, national and local governments and to the general public.

The Dissemination Board consists of MC members, the WG Leaders and other interested members.

The Board is subdivided in three committees:

  • A Website Committee which conducts executive tasks related to the development and maintenance of the interactive open access website as well as the creation of the flyers.
  • An International Conference Committee which is responsible for the scientific and administrative preparation of the conferences, and
  • Workshops and Stakeholders Involvement Committee which focuses on the development of workshops and further activities to establish contacts to political and administrative stakeholders (e.g. “non-scientific” publications in newspapers and administrative journals).