Armands Auziņš, Associate Professor at the Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management at Riga Technical University (Latvia), Doctor of Economic Sciences, Scientific expert in Management and Economic sciences of the Latvian Council of Science. He is a participant of the European Academy of Land Use and Development and a board member of the Latvian Association of Land Surveyors (FIG and CLGE member). Associate Professor Auziņš has more than 15 years experience of consulting in land use management. His main research topics are in land use management and in institutional and real estate economics. He is lecturing in land management field and publishing conference and journal papers, as well as participating in international research projects. More information in ResearchGate.

Vice leader

Evelin Jürgenson, Associated Professor at the Chair of Geomatics at the Estonian University of Life Sciences, Doctor of Technical Sciences. She is a member of LANDNET (under an initiative of the FAO) and Association of Estonian Planners. Associated Professor Jürgenson has worked five years in municipality and 16 years in state authority (Estonian Land Board) with the issues of land use management. She is lecturing land management field and publishing conference and journal papers, as well as participating in national and International research projects. More information in ETIS ( and ResearchGate.

Description of objectives

The objectives of WG2 are concerned with initial research on terminology and tools of public value capture (PVC), e.g. mapping expertise and resources of different stakeholders, identification of research gaps and needs, definition of a common terminology, and development of a depository database of tools of PVC in the participating countries. Afterwards, the classification, analysis and implementation of PVC tools follow due to comparative research, preparing overviews and proposing recommendations for policy improvements.

List of members

Currently 46 members/participants from 31 country registered, including 2 stakeholders. Gender – 26M/20F. The list with background information attached separately.


  • Andreas Hendricks
  • Julio Revuelta
  • Evelin Jürgenson
  • Vida Maliene
  • Nika Šimurina
  • Corrado Lo Storto
  • Francesco Botticini
  • Meirav Aharon Gutman
  • Arturas Kaklauskas
  • Armands Auziņš
  • Berit Irene Nordahl
  • Natacha Jesus Silva
  • Józef Hernik
  • Ioan – Sorin Herban
  • Peter Ekback
  • Peter Lacoere
  • Nataša Simeunović
  • Jan Kazak
  • Margaret Nelson
  • Thomas Hartmann
  • Mikko Lehtinen
  • Jenny Paulsson
  • Stefanos Nastis
  • Olga Petrakovska
  • Anka Lisec
  • Michela Tiboni
  • Anna Paula Barreira
  • Rasa Ušpalyte Vitkūniene
  • Julinda Keci
  • Andreas Hengstermann
  • Brano Glumac
  • Vanelin Boshnakov
  • Daniela Špirkova
  • Julius Golej
  • Ondrej Slach
  • Sina Shahab
  • Marita Antikainen
  • Odette Lewis
  • Eliška Vejchodska
  • Niro Mualam
  • Roelof Verhage
  • Marija Burinskiene
  • Kauko Viitanen
  • Nicholas Falk
  • Arthur Schindelegger
  • Stephan Emmerich