Sonia Guelton – WG 1 leader

Professor in Urban studies and planning at the Parisian School of Urbanism (University of Paris Est) since 1999 and Graduated from High School for Business (HEC Paris- 1980). She has developed two fields of research: local economics and land economics, specially looking at financial arrangements and territorial socio-economics impact. She develops research studies with public research agencies (PUCA, INRA) and governmental institutions in France (Ministère de l‘Ecologie, de l’Energie, du Développement durable et de la Mer), and has acted as expert for national and international institutions. Between others she recently contributed to a collective research on Land consumption (ESCo Artificialisation des sols, 2017, INRA/ IFFSTAR) and to the regional Land Observatory (Société du Grand Paris and ORF IdF, 2015-16). She is an active member of European Academy of Land Use and Development, International Academic Association on Planning, Law and Property Rights and Foncier en Débat. She also takes part in the research of Chair “a ménager le Grand Paris”, especially on land economics around the new stations, and supports Young researchers’ European network on Land issues. In 2019, she has provided a report for Lincoln Institute of Land Policies and cooperates in a JPI Urban Europe research program, both on the topic of land Value Capture.

Nikos Karadimitriou – WG 1 Vice leader

A spatial planner and regional development professional by training, my experience in and exposure to territorial development, urban and regional planning and urban regeneration spans a variety of capacities and degrees of responsibility.

I am keen to engage in cross-disciplinary projects that tackle real-world problems from different perspectives. My research interests include several aspects of urban transformation, namely: the systems and institutions that manage the process, the social effects that this process has and the mechanisms used to create and capture value as part of that process. Research projects I have worked on have been funded by the European Commission (H2020), JPI Urban Europe, the ESRC, the National Housebuilders Council (NHBC), the House Builders Federation (HBF), the Foundation for Urban and Regional Studies (FURS), the Greek Ministry of Industry & Technology and the British Council.

I have acted as an expert and advisor to a range of public and private sector as well as civic society actors, indicatively to: UN Habitat, the European Commission, the Office of the Greek Prime Minister, the Greek Ministry of the Environment, the European Investment Bank, IGLOO Regeneration Fund and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Description of objectives

The objectives of WG1 are:

  • to understand the philosophical underpinnings of the concept of property in European countries and
  • to highlight the key contextual factors which help answer the question “to which extent could land value be captured in each country?”. The WG pulls together the knowledge and experience of 33 members from 24 countries in order to build a typology of property concepts from across Europe and thus understand the ways that this country-specific context affects land value capture potentialities.


  • Julijana Angelovska
  • Silvia Avila de Sousa
  • Ana Cornelia Badea
  • Marjan Čeh
  • Anita Čeh Časni
  • Kosjenka Dumancic
  • Steven Fowles
  • Joseph Gauci
  • Julius Golej
  • Sonia Guelton
  • Jean-Marie Halleux
  • Thomas Hartmann
  • Malgorzata Barbara Havel
  • Niko sKaradimitriou
  • Ronit Levine-Schnur
  • Anka Lisec
  • Jonathan Manns
  • Zoran Mastilo
  • Demetrio Muñoz Gielen
  • Berit Irene Nordahl
  • Andreas Ortner
  • Marii Rasva
  • Jean Ruegg
  • Petr Rumpel
  • Luca Salvati
  • Sina Shahab
  • Natasa Simeunovic
  • Daniela Spirkova
  • Vasileios Tompros
  • Muge Tunaer
  • Erwin Van der Krabben
  • Alexandra Weitkamp
  • Viktorija Zaremba