Seminar on PuVaCa instruments organised by Eliska Vejchodska (PuVaCa MC Member from Czech Republic) under patronage by the Ministry of Regional Development was held in Prague on 17th June 2019.

Active participants of the seminar from the CA PuVaCa were Eliška Vejchodská and Petr Rumpel plus 4 invited guests, specialists in this field. The seminar has gathered about 70 participants of professional public. Several of the PuVaCa instruments were presented and discussed. Also, this opportunity was used to distribute a questionnaire in order to determine which are the most promising instruments for the Czech Republic and, therefore, chosen for further investigation.

Informations about the seminar and PuVaCa Cost Action will be published in a Czech professional journal.

Programme and presentations can be found on the webpage of the Czech Institute for the Spatial Development