The main aim and objective of this Action is the development of a common framework for value capturing and the provision of innovative tools for public value capture based on comparative analysis to optimize the allocation of development costs and benefits as well as to disencumber the public budget.

Specific Objectives:

Research Coordination:

– Develop a common understanding of public value capture by performing a profound review of existing data and definitions of different research areas and countries.

– Identify research gaps and future research needs, priorities and perspectives which require European coordination and transnational collaboration.

– Implement a permanent Europe-wide network of land management experts to interchange the knowledge concerning public value capture and to propose policy measures for the improvement of public value capture in cooperation with political and administrative stakeholders.

Capacity Building:

– Provide an overview of alternative tools of public value capture and additional information concerning implementation, handling and advantages as well as disadvantages of these tools based on long-time experience of the particular countries and experts.

– Assess, harmonise and integrate European research results by multi-national and multi-disciplinary research.

– Improve the mutual understanding of scientific stakeholders and political and administrative stakeholders.

– Scientists get important input about potential implementation problems and political and administrative stakeholders get essential know how about innovative tools for public value capture.

– Build capacity by involving Inclusive Target Countries and Near Neighbour Countries.