Gantt Chart for the Deliverables of the Action

  • – interactive open access website (Dl1),
  • – flyer describing the Action and its activities and objectives (Dl2),
  • – depository database of the philosophical background and understanding of property in the participating countries (Dl3),
  • – common terminology of public value capture (Dl4),
  • – depository database of tools of public value capture (Dl5),
  • – “non-scientific” publications in newspapers and administrative journals (Dl6),
  • – publications in scientific peer-reviewed journals (Dl7),
  • – presentations at thematic workshops, seminars and/or international conferences (Dl8),
  • – edited book on public value capture in Europe (Dl9),
  • – flyer describing the results of the Action (Dl10),
  • – report on strategies for the implementation of new tools of public value capture or the optimization of existing tools for the particular country (Dl11).

Organisational Milestones:      

Gantt Chart for the organisational Milestones of the Action

(MC = Management Committee, DB = Dissemination Board, WG = Working Group)