Dear all,
it is a pleasure to inform you that the deadline for submission of papers has been
extended until 31 of March 2022.

For more information, please see the link

The COST members’ publications will be funded by COST action. However, for the eligibility
the authors have to meet the following COST funding requirements:

1)  According to COST Vademecum 10.4.8, the authors must be participants of the COST
Action coming from at least three different countries (COST Full Members/COST
Cooperating Members). The paper must have (obligatory) an acknowledgement to COST
(for more info visit

2)  Please inform Dr Andreas Ortner (email: and/or Dr
Vida Maliene (email: if you intent submitting the manuscript
(paper) to the special issue under above conditions.

Be free to use this opportunity!!